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This Product Terms Directory includes terms applicable to products you may have purchased on an Order Form or enabled as a beta or pilot service or feature. The Product Terms Directory terms may be updated from time to time, however, Product terms set forth in this Product Terms Directory as of your Order Start Date will apply to the products and services on your Order Form for the duration of the Order Term. In the event new terms are added to this Product Terms Directory for new functionality made available within a Service during an Order Term, the new terms will apply to the use of the new functionality.
Information regarding infrastructure, storage and processing locations, security, notices and licensing for the products listed in this Product Terms Directory is available in the Trust and Compliance documentation or, for betas or pilots, under the Beta Services Terms.
  1. To start, select a date. If you’re looking for the product terms as of a specific date, such as your Order Start Date, you can select that date so long as that date is after implementation of the Product Terms Directory on November 16, 2021. Note that the Product Terms Directory is updated from time to time, so, to see current product terms, input today’s date. If a product term has changed, you can click on the Product Term Updates link from the current terms to see previous versions.
  2. Type in the product name as it appears on your Order Form, or, in the case of betas and pilots, the name of the beta or pilot feature as referenced in the applicable notice or terms.
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